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Sustainable Skye Event

November 16, 2023

Sustainable Skye – Smart Waste Solutions for your Business

Sustainable Skye Event Spurs Innovative Waste Solutions and Proposals for the Isle of Skye, Raasay and Lochalsh.

A pioneering event titled “Sustainable Skye – Smart Waste Solutions for your Business” brought together a collective of community members, local organisations and businesses on November 14th, 2023, to address some of the waste issues on the island. With an influx of approximately 600,000+ annual visitors, the Isle of Skye faces unprecedented waste management challenges, prompting innovative solutions at the event.

To start the day Laura Young, also known as Less Waste Laura, gave an engaging and inspiring keynote speech. Laura’s connection to grassroots efforts and her experience with working on large environmental campaigns was the perfect start to the day’s conversations.

During the engaging sessions throughout the day, a range of creative and actionable solutions were discussed. Participants explored the idea of a bold “No” to disposable coffee cups, contemplating the feasibility of implementing this stance across the island. The discussion delved into the potential effectiveness of a 30p levy on disposable coffee cups to deter their excessive use and promote sustainable alternatives, an idea that had substantial support from attendees.

Andrew Jones from The Coffee Bothy in Broadford commented, “we could possibly start by looking at our role in how we can educate and change behaviour towards reusable items.”

The overwhelming consensus is that bold actions like saying “No” to disposable coffee cups could significantly reduce our environmental footprint and instigate widespread behavioural change.” Said Amy Bentall, Highland Community Waste Partnership.

There were Dangerous Ideas discussion tables on four main topics, Refilling, Cardboard, Food Waste and Visitors, to enable innovative concepts to arise. Another idea to support both locals and visitors was to revolutionize transportation on the island, including the proposition of an electric hop-on-hop-off bus system. This ambitious initiative would have the aim to enhance public transport efficiency, thereby reducing the reliance on individual cars and camper vans, ultimately decreasing traffic congestions and environmental impact. Complementary proposals involved creating designated car-free zones to encourage the use of public transport and alleviate traffic congestion in key areas.

Implementing an electric hop-on-hop-off bus service and establishing car-free zones are pivotal steps toward sustainable transportation on Skye.” emphasized Alistair Danter from SkyeConnect.

The event also sparked discussions on repurposing waste materials, notably exploring the potential to transform cardboard waste into insulation or energy sources. Additionally, the idea of establishing a shared library of things, such as tools and equipment for locals and visitors gained traction, promoting resource efficiency and reducing unnecessary consumption.

Sustainable Skye has generated a wealth of innovative proposals that underscore our commitment to a sustainable suture.” stated Gary Curley – SkyeConnect

The ideas presented – whether rejecting disposable coffee cups, revolutionising transportation, or repurposing waste, highlight the collective dedication to preserving Skye’s natural beauty.” Emma Bee – Highland Community Waste Partnership.

Looking ahead, Sustainable Skye aims to harness the momentum from the event to foster ongoing collaborations and translate these innovative proposals into actionable strategies for a more sustainable Skye.


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Sustainable Skye – Smart Waste Solutions for your Business

A pioneering event, brought together a collective of community members, local organisations and businesses, to address some of the waste issues on the Isle of Skye. With an influx of approximately 600,000+ annual visitors, it faces unprecedented waste management challenges.

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