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Mini Bite – Tourism Strategy, Skye Northern Lights, Business Heating Grants and more…

SkyeConnect leading the calls for a transformative initiative to develop a comprehensive 10-year sustainable tourism strategy for Skye, Raasay, and Lochalsh.

Destination Management and Long-term Strategy for Skye

Please follow this below for our latest business survey:

Our survey work provides robust, accurate data for decision-makers. Last year’s visitor levy survey revealed that our business community would strongly prefer visitor levy funds raised locally from the proposed visitor levy, to be spent, and managed locally, rather than by the Highland Council in Inverness, which is one of the current possibilities. This helped inform our submission to the Visitor Levy Consultation leading to representation at Government Committee meetings. Your participation in our surveys has also allowed us to represent your voice locally, regionally, and nationally on key issues such as Short Term Lets Licensing Legislation, Business Rates, Infrastructure needs and Sustainable Tourism amongst many other crucial issues… READ MORE


‘This Needs To Change Urgently’. Calls For Cash For Skye As Visitor Numbers Rocket


Skye by numbers from the P&J article:

  • Visitor numbers are growing based on the latest data from the Skye Bridge
  • “In August alone, there were 229,000 crossings, with some days seeing the number of vehicle movements matching Skye’s population of over 13,000.”
  • “The number of vehicles crossing the Skye Bridge rose by 11% last year between April and September.”
  • “The number of vehicles heading to the island during the key tourism period last year increased by more than 50,000 to 496,753.”

Please click here to read an important article published in the Press & Journal following our calls for investment in infrastructure and improved funding for Destination Management and a long term tourism strategy and plan to preserve, protect and enhance the Isle of Skye, Raasay & Lochalsh.

A Call for Support: A 10 Year Sustainable Tourism Strategy For Skye, Raasay & Lochalsh


SkyeConnect, as Skye’s designated Destination Management Organisation (DMO), is leading the calls for a transformative initiative to develop a comprehensive 10-year sustainable tourism strategy for Skye, Raasay, and Lochalsh. Recognising the absence of a long-term tourism plan and the growing pressures on infrastructure, community, environment, and the tourism economy, this strategy could be developed through a collaborative multi-stakeholder ‘Team Skye, Raasay & Lochalsh’ approach. READ MORE

Skye Voted One Of The ‘Top’ Northern Lights Hotspots For 2024 In Expedia’s “Northern Lights Insider Guide”


Experts from Expedia have shared the top trending Northern Lights hotspots for 2024 and Skye is in the top 10. In 2024, the spectacular natural wonder known as the Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, is anticipated to be more vivid due to the solar maximum phase. This cosmic event, driven by increased solar activity, enhances the vibrancy and visibility of these lights. Travel enthusiasts are particularly excited about the Isle of Skye which has emerged as a prime spot for witnessing this rare light show. Expedia have identified the Isle of Skye as a leading location for witnessing the Northern Lights, surpassing even Tromsø in Norway in popularity. Interest in Skye has surged, with a 60% increase in searches compared to the previous year, positioning it as a sought-after destination in 2024. The Isle of Skye offers optimal conditions for Northern Lights viewing, especially from October to March, with March often providing some of the clearest views. The increase in solar activity this year means more solar particles interacting with Earth’s atmosphere, leading to more frequent and intense displays of the Northern Lights.

Could You Heat Your Business For Less With A Heat Pump?


The Scottish Government is currently providing financial support to help Scottish small and medium-sized businesses upgrade to modern, energy efficient heating systems. This includes unsecured interest-free loans and cashback grants of up to £10k while funds last. This financial support is available for the installation of heat pumps and is particularly attractive for air source heat pumps.

There will be a webinar on 8th February at 10am so you can:

  • Learn the basics of how heat pumps work.
  • Understand the benefits a heat pump provides (financial, operational, carbon).
  • See if a heat pump could be a potential energy saving solution for your business.
  • Find out typical installation costs including financial support from the Scottish Government
  • Hear from businesses that have already taken action.

To sign up for the webinar please go here to book your place.

Scottish Island Adventures Podcast


Caledonian MacBrayne have launched a new podcast, ‘Scottish Island Adventures‘. The podcast will transport listeners to Scotland’s west coast in a series of ten episodes, which will each focus on a different island. Host Coinneach Macleod, also known as the ‘Hebridean Baker’, will be joined by various guests including Cathy MacDonald, Tony Kearney and Kirsty Wark. The series features some of the islands’ most unique experiences, historical landmarks, wildlife and outdoor activities. All set against the breath-taking backdrop of some of the most captivating natural landscapes in the world.

Scottish Island Adventures connects you with the heart and soul of Scotland’s west coast islands – perfect listening for anyone planning a trip to the islands, or even just looking to relive their last visit. The podcast is available on all major podcast platforms and we’d love it if you’d give it a listen, share with your community, and let us know what you think.

You can listen here now and, if you’d like to share with your community, you can find some supporting imagery here.

Kooble: A New Cooperative Booking Platform for Accomodation Providers


Kooble, is a new cooperative booking platform, co-owned by Scottish hospitality businesses, launching soon. It aims to create a sustainable and attractive hospitality industry that benefits everyone involved. As an alternative to the way current OTA’s work through third party commission alone, Kooble offers a platform where you could receive a yearly dividend that can be reinvested back into your business.

According to Kooble, this collaboration aims to redefine the booking landscape and empower the tourism industry. If you want to check out Kooble for yourself, you can sign up to a webinar to discover more or get in touch to find out more.

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Mini Bite – SkyeConnect’s Future, Business Community Open Day, Driving on Single Track Roads and more…

Over the past six years, SkyeConnect has been a strong and active voice representing the tourism industry and community on Skye, but we are now facing significant challenges due to recent cuts in government funding. We would like to understand what you’d like to see from SkyeConnect going forward. In the coming weeks, we will be contacting members and the local community to discuss how SkyeConnect can further support your business while advancing our community goals.

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