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Supporting destination management amid funding cuts and growing visitor numbers, to create a business and community led 10 year tourism strategy.

We want to speak with members of the local business community to discuss the future funding of destination management. Our current initiative to create a business and community led 10 year tourism strategy has backing and we would like to understand what you’d like to see from SkyeConnect going forward. SkyeConnect has been at the forefront of Destination Management since 2018, but, like other Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) across Scotland, we are facing significant challenges due to recent cuts in government funding. Remote Rural and Island DMOs are particularly vulnerable to these cuts due to the smaller pools of members available to financially support DMO activities.

A Critical Time

This reduction in support comes at a critical time when visitor numbers to Skye are increasing, with Skye Bridge crossings nearing 2 million annually. This funding crisis places many rural and Island DMOs on a financial cliff edge, risking the discontinuation of key projects and the loss of local, regional, and national influence which is vital for our area. Without effective destination management and a clear tourism strategy, vision and plan, Skye faces the potential for both economic and environmental decline.

Our Work

Over the past six years, SkyeConnect has been a strong and active voice representing the tourism industry and community on Skye. It has also spearheaded and supported numerous transformational projects including involvement in developing vital infrastructure like car parks and toilet facilities at iconic sites, creating footpaths, and restoring environments in key areas such as the Cuillin, the Storr, the Fairy Pools, and Quiraing. 

Our advocacy efforts helped secure crucial recovery funding during the Covid pandemic, and we have been instrumental in the move towards more sustainable tourism through various projects and initiatives such as the innovative Visitor Management Tool and associated sensor network. 

We are currently the go-to DMO for media comment on industry-wide issues and have access to politicians at every level. Our advocacy work has led to frequent local, national, and international press, TV and radio coverage on key issues affecting businesses and communities on Skye. We have also been involved in providing evidence at key Parliamentary committees to influence policy and regularly meet with influential politicians and organisations to represent our business community’s voice loudly and clearly through communicating the results of our regular research and survey work.

A Call To Action

Nearly 90% of local businesses, according to our latest survey, support a robust, locally-led tourism strategy. Your ongoing membership and new member sign ups could help fund critical operations and leverage additional resources to sustain and enhance our efforts. As a member, you play a crucial role in shaping a cohesive strategy for tourism and local development that directly benefits your operations and the broader economic landscape. A large, active membership base amplifies our voice, ensuring that Skye’s needs are prioritised at every political level. It allows us to present a united front in critical negotiations during what is an extremely volatile time, ensuring that the needs and priorities of Skye’s businesses and the community are heard and prioritised. 

Your support could also enable us to enhance our ongoing projects and uphold Skye’s position as Scotland’s top rural tourist destination whilst ensuring that we continue our work to improve infrastructure and the overall sustainability of tourism on Skye. Together, we can foster a robust and resilient tourism economy, making Skye an exemplary model for sustainable destination management.

Join Us In Shaping Skye’s Future

Over the coming weeks, we will be contacting members and the local community to discuss how SkyeConnect can further support your business while advancing our community goals. We hope that we can have many conversations to explore potential collaborations and hear your valuable feedback. Just a few minutes of your time could have a lasting impact on our activities and the future of destination management in our area.

We invite you to engage with us to discuss how we can support your business and our community goals together. A brief conversation via phone or Zoom could pave the way for valuable collaborations and ensure that Skye remains a premier destination, managed responsibly, and sustainably. For more information on how you can help, please contact us via We will also be arranging an online session to discuss our ongoing work, plans and how we hope to add more value for our members.

Together, we hope to ensure that Skye’s tourism is managed effectively for the benefit of all in our community.

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