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November 13, 2020

Press Release – New Director Recruitment

Following the formal transition of SkyeConnect from a Limited Liability Company to a Community Interest Company (CIC), the organisation is now seeking to recruit new Directors to join the Board

Following the formal transition of SkyeConnect from a Limited Liability Company to
a Community Interest Company (CIC), the organisation is now seeking to recruit new
Directors to join the Board.

The creation of the CIC was ratified at an Extraordinary General Meeting held online yesterday (10th November). The move makes SkyeConnect more accountable to the Skye community and enables changes to the Board structure.

SkyeConnect Project Manager, Alistair Danter, has now begun the search for new Directors to join existing Directors on the Board.

“Between now and our Annual General Meeting in December we are hoping a number of members will be nominated to stand for a seat on the Board. A member needs to be nominated by two other members to be eligible to stand. In addition, we have reserved a number of seats on the Board for representatives of Skye’s
Community Trusts who do such fantastic work with infrastructure projects to enhance the visitor experience.”

Some existing Board members have been reflecting on their time on the Board and the essential role of SkyeConnect as the official Destination Management Organisation.

Anne Gracie runs the Sonas Collection of Hotels and is one of the original Board Members.

“Being on the Board enables us to help all operators regardless of size or sector. We ensure their voices are heard by Governments. For me one of the key benefits of SkyeConnect is the contact with industry colleagues, sharing information on best practise and the latest challenges.”

Steve Smith is a Director of Highland Motors. 

“Skye Connect was something completely different for me. I’ve run a garage for the last 13 years with my business partner, John. I feel strongly about what happens to our island, the impact tourism has on the pristine environment, the disruption that can be felt by residents and the balance that needs to be found with the local
economy. I was sceptical before I joined the board, thinking it may be a talking shop with no real teeth. Since joining, I’ve been stunned at the volume of projects SkyeConnect is involved with, and also the amount of influence we are starting to have with local and national government.”

Jim MacDonald is one of the Directors standing down at this year’s AGM.

“Being on the Board at SkyeConnect is great! It means getting the change to promote Skye & Raasay and the benefits of tourism to our economy while making the case to government for a fair share of resources. I’ve enjoyed everything about the role – working as part of a team, engaging with partners and, above all, contributing to
the future of these wonderful islands.”

Clare Winskill is the owner of Coruisk House in Elgol. 

“Being a director of Skye Connect is an enormous privilege. DMOs will play a crucial role in the recovery of the tourism economy in the Highlands. Skye Connect directors will need to work to secure the recovery of tourism on the island and the areas that Skye draws visitors to in the immediate surrounding area. To do that we need a board of directors with the expertise and knowledge of Skye, the islands and the areas in its immediate vicinity, who will represent the stakeholders that can make the recovery happen. It is a vital role. I have learned how Skye fits within the Scottish tourism economy, its enormous importance to, in particular, the North Highland economy and I have very much enjoyed meeting and learning from those who play vital roles in our communities on Skye, both from an economic and social perspective. I hope to have the opportunity to continue with that work” 

Dave Till is the Chair of SkyeConnect and the General Manager of Skyeskyns. “I’ve always believed that businesses should work together for common aims that produce a greater benefit for all. Becoming a director of SkyeConnect has in some small way contributed to helping this become a reality for the island and its neighbouring areas. If we continue this work and the surrounding areas can really become an even greater place to live, work and visit.”

Anyone wishing to find out more about the role of Directors can contact Alistair Danter –

Simon Cousins
07850 715111


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