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December 22, 2020

Highland Council Grants and Funds Update

Information regarding new grant applications, funds and Schemes following recent Scottish Goverment Christmas Restrictions Covid Update.

SkyeConnect has this morning received the following update from the Highland Council – Economy and Regeneration Manager, Andy McCann.

As you’ll have heard the announcements made on Saturday will have implications for the grants schemes we are operating so Andy in our team has been in touch with Business Representative Groups and I offered to do the same to the Destination Organisations we work with. I’ve copied the details below.

I write to advise that in response to the Scot Govt announcement that Tier 4 status will commence on Boxing Day, we have put a holding message on our website and have paused any new applications for the existing Business Restriction Grant.

You will be aware that the current Restriction and Closure Grants together make up the Scot Govt Strategic Business Fund and apply to differing degrees across Scotland linked to whichever tier an area is in. For ourselves the Restriction Grant applies and it is very focused with some 220 businesses just about to secure their second grant in arrears (albeit, with the Christmas holidays we are paying it in advance to ensure businesses have it before the Banks close down for the holidays). As we move to Tier 4 we can anticipate that the Restriction Grant will stop and the Business Closure Grant will be introduced to Highland from 26 December and payable 3 – 4 weeks in arrears.

You will know however, that there was other grant schemes to be introduced in the New Year, i.e. additional hospitality, hostels, Taxi/Private operator etc.  Some we expect will continue as stand alone schemes, albeit we still await offer letter/guidance, but we think there may be the possibility that others may get linked in with the wider Business Closure Grant. We know that Scot Govt are working on this at the moment – but unclear of timelines or details.

So a message is on our website alerting all to the situation and we have paused the ability of applicants to apply for the Business Restriction Grant. If we kept it open, applicants for the Closure Fund may inadvertently apply for the wrong scheme, plus new applicants for period from 2 Nov to 28 December we anticipate may be able to apply for Restriction and Closure Grant in the same form in January.

As you will know we will – once we have clear guidance from Scot Govt, amend our website and give out information on how to apply / access grant. Some businesses may not need to apply – i.e. those receiving Restriction Grant, but we think the majority will need to submit an application.

We will provide an update when more information becomes available.

Thanks – SkyeConnect Team

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