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Mini Bite – from Alistair Danter – 1st August 2021

In Alistair's Mini Bite below you'll find information on Alistair Danter's work as Project Manager for SkyeConnect.


The time between publishing editions of the SkyeConnect ‘mini-bite’ seems to be getting shorter and shorter –  a sure sign that life is busy. Invaluable feedback from our recent business survey indicates that many of you are now very busy, a big step up from a couple of months back. However, the key issue is whether  there will be enough business to tide us all through the winter. Here are some snippets from SkyeConnect HQ in recent days:

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Mermaid Magic Skye

A 100% natural face serum from the Magical Isle of Skye for radiant and nourished skin. A fantastic new venture from Staffin.

You can support this new local business using discount code: skyemermaid for £3 off your order. 

The Short Term Lets Legislation

The Short Term Lets Legislation continues to be a major issue for the Self Catering, Bed and Breakfast and Guest House sector. The subject is extremely complex, so we are planning to host an event to debate the issues and help you make informed decisions before the consultation process closes on the 13th of August. In the meantime, the ASSC has produced a comprehensive briefing document that can be seen at

Recent Business Survey

Many thanks to those of you who responded to the recent business survey. While the majority of accommodation businesses reported that turnover is down on pre covid years two thirds reported increased bookings for July and August compared to May and June. The key headline from the marine sector is that two thirds of businesses will not make enough money this summer to survive through to next year without Government support. In the Arts and Crafts sector, 60% of operators are unsure if they will generate enough income this season to survive the winter.  We appreciate that responding to surveys takes up valuable time, but it does mean that we have solid data that we can share with public agencies and elected representatives.

“Shop Local” Campaign 

Our “Shop Local” campaign is now live. We hope that you have spotted the banners around the island. Please share the link with your guests and customers –

VisitScotland STV Campaign 

VisitScotland have just partnered with STV to launch a new, six-week television consumer campaign “I love it, so I look after it” which asks locals and visitors alike to consider their impact on people’s favourite places across Scotland. Details can be seen here –

VisitScotland Second Campaign

A second VisitScotland campaign is providing support for non QA businesses, specifically hostels and small serviced accommodation providers (bed and breakfasts, guest houses, inns, and restaurants with rooms) as they work to reopen and recover.

Quality Time with VisitScotland “ is a free-of-charge, one-off advice session designed for businesses who aren’t part of the VS Quality Assurance scheme. Details can be found at   Email to book a 1-1 session

West Highland College

West Highland College is pleased to announce the imminent opening of their

Advanced Manufacturing Centre in Ft William. A webinar promoting the centre and its services is planned for the 25th of August. This will be followed by an interactive roadshow in the Autumn in Portree. Attendance at the webinar is free and tickets are available here –

WELP Magazine

We were delighted to discover that WELP Magazine has listed Skyetime as one of the top 20 tourist management podcasts in the world

Tormore Community Forest

For visitors and locals alike an interesting series of events are planned at the Tormore Community Forest – booking via Please share with your networks.

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